Professional Networking

If you need something from me, it's more than likely that I'd be happy to help. But help me help you:

"Small talk is for small minds." While society generally encourages small talk and other pleasantries before making a request of somebody, I find it inefficient and wasteful of time. The likelihood of me helping someone is directly proportional to how to concise and to-the-point they are, how much evidence I see of them helping themselves and how they have helped me in the past when requested (or their willingness to, in the future). I prefer concrete substance over fluff, and it doesn't really matter to me as much if I don't know you from Adam.

If you believe that I may someday be a great fit in your organization, contact me at my e-mail address or on LinkedIn. I'm not looking to move at the moment but life has also taught me the value of serendipity. And who knows, maybe I may convince you that you're a great fit for my organization instead.

Please do not add me on LinkedIn unless we've met before. E-mail instead first.

Social Networking

For casual conversations on anything under the sun, direct your messages at @koshyjohn on Twitter.

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