Hi there! Welcome to my personal website.

What will you find here? My software, including DiskMax, neoSearch and Memory Cleaner. Between them, they have accumulated over 10 million downloads and have well over 140,000 likes on Facebook.

DiskMax is designed to keep you PCs clean and fast. Just as fast as the day you first got them, if not faster.

neoSearch is a light-weight desktop search engine originally designed to work around the negative performance impact that plagued several popular alternatives.

Memory Cleaner is the world's most popular application of its kind, reducing the memory load on your system significantly without negatively affecting performance in any discernable way.

  • DiskMax
  • neoSearch
  • Memory Cleaner

And who am I exactly? I'm currently a software engineer on Microsoft Azure in Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise engineering group in Redmond, Washington. This is after a short 3 year stint in New Zealand where I did my Masters and worked for a year at a financial software services company (FNZ) amongst other things. Read more about me here.

There are a few other things on this site - feel free to explore.

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