Koshy John (pronunciation)

I am an average individual blessed with an above average inclination towards technology and its applications, particularly when it comes to software design and development. It is this facet of mine that led me to build software applications while I was still in school, some of whose successors were downloaded by millions around the world. Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science and Engineering came along the way. And after stints in a few tech/fin-tech companies in New Zealand, I am currently with the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and management team based out of the corporate headquarters in Redmond.

Every single day, I'm driven by the knowledge that technology can be harnessed in amazing ways to solve a lot of otherwise difficult problems humanity faces and add immeasurably to the quality of our lives. Humans focusing their intelligence en-masse on higher-order concepts and complex problems, while machines abstract away less rewarding and routine concerns, is something I earnestly dream of being a part of in my lifetime.

Perfection is something I strive for in everything I do. Cognizant of my limitations, my aspirations towards perfection are guided by working towards being the absolute best I can envision myself as: pushing myself to the painful limits. And then some. True excellence can only be achieved by striving relentlessly for perfection.

Automobiles loaded with technology have always fascinated me, and I love deducing and conceptualizing better algorithms to control the safety and luxury components. For example, a city of networked cars optimizing their route utilization in real time based on their occupants' schedules, current location and destinations - it's interesting brooding over the finer details of such a system. Anyway, if you are a fellow auto-enthusiast, here's my list of favourites: Lamborghini Huracán > M6 > BMW M550i > 435/440i Gran Coupe > Honda Accord > Civic.

I strongly believe in living life with integrity, in respecting others & their property, standing up for those who cannot care for themselves, and, generally trying to be the change I want to see in this world. Today I may not have the kind of power, influence or wealth required to make the magnitude of difference I want to; but I'm making progress towards such a day. I play my little part in the meanwhile and encourage others to do so too. I'm proud to be at a company that takes its social responsibility seriously.

In the pages in this section, I've attempted to capture the essence of who I am for those who do not know me. I may have gone into more depth than I should have with the risk of sounding self-centered (but be assured that's not the case).

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