My Career

Senior Software Engineer - Microsoft

I work in the Azure Infrastructure and Management team (Azure Core) in Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise Engineering Group. The Management team builds management infrastructure and experiences that spans products, services and solutions.

Developer - FNZ

I worked at FNZ's ANZ Development Centre as part of a large team to deliver a secure, high-quality white-label trading platform for a large Australian bank.

[FNZ is an enterprise cloud computing and services company in the wealth management sector administering over £35 billion of assets on behalf of over 300,000 end-customers in the UK, Australia and NZ.]

Application Consultant - Alcatel-Lucent
(Student Engagement)

I worked with 2 other student developers to rapidly develop application prototypes for Alcatel-Lucent pre-sales in New Zealand.

Team Captain -
(Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 New Zealand Finalist Team)

BookSpark was an online service that catered to those who care about sustainably consuming books and helping humanity achieve the greatness that it is capable of. BookSpark aspired to contribute substantially towards meeting the UN Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education.

IT Intern - Kiwibank
(Student Internship)

I worked there as part of Summer of Tech '10 - reporting to Justin Crawshay and Tony Kennedy. Developed Kiwibank Finder for Windows Phone 7 - a geolocation application that detects the device's location and suggests nearby Kiwibank locations to the user (among other things). Kiwibank's senior management, including the CTO, couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.

While at Kiwibank, I convinced the two other students there to join my Microsoft Imagine Cup team ( mentored by Antony Willis (Microsoft NZ) and Luke Ryan (Intergen). I later got on board the SoT intern at Xero. Kiwibank and Xero were very supportive of our team.

Thanks to the SoT '11 seminar series, we got to meet a lot of business and tech visionaries in Wellington - I even got to present my work at one of the seminars hosted by Kiwibank. The summer of 2010/11 couldn't have been better!

[Kiwibank was New Zealand’s Most Trusted Bank three years in a row at the Readers Digest Trusted Brand Awards.]

Software Developer - Optimal Workshop
(Student Internship)

I worked there as part of the Wellington Summer of Code '09. One of the several tasks I was assigned was redesigning the main database for new requirements, and to come up with a viable migration scheme. Improving application security and troubleshooting hard to reproduce errors were some others. The team I worked with contributed greatly to the experience I gained there.

[Optimal Workshop develops the usability tools used by Optimal Usability (the number 1 usability consultancy in New Zealand) and other usability consultancies around the world.]

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