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The software you see on this site is supported through non-insignificant amounts of my money and time. But there are limits to how much I can, or want to, effectively keep giving away.

Some ongoing expenses relating to what you enjoy include:

  1. Recurring hosting expenses, domain renewal costs and SSL certificate costs.
  2. Software signing certificate renewal expenses.
  3. Development software and hardware expenses.
  4. Expenses relating to managing usage growth.

While I have avoided making any of my software paid for more than a decade, the continuation of that practice relies on there being a near self-sustenance and expense-free growth of what's available on this site.

Consider contributing as your means allow:

If you are unable to contribute monetarily...

... please share things you like on this site via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or other sharing mechanisms. It only takes a click: you can use the social network share buttons at the bottom of pages you like.

Quick Note on How You'll Benefit More

Donations in excess what's required to meet external costs helps growth, as does organic sharing of items on this site.

Growth in the user base of the applications here motivates:

  1. Pace of future software development and feature addition.
  2. Level of 1:1 user support.

If you want great software to get even better and remain free, please do your part and help drive growth by sharing with friends / family and donating towards expenses. 100% of donations go towards expenses listed here, 0% is realized as personal profit.

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