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"I tried 3 or 4 of the other ram cleaner/optimizers with lots of downloads and stars and not one of them worked at all, not even somewhat, you can see if they are working with a simple ram usage gauge, and they flat out did nothing, then stumbled upon this KoshyJohn Memory Cleaner 1.10 with minimal downloads and no stars gave it a shot and I am done looking, this little program rocks indeed."
- dreamingtree313

"Three words: "Way past cool!"
It can keeps 4 GB memory -below- 50% after the first start up and keeps it around 50%, even for Firefox, with Flash Player in it."
- Adam

"Love it! a wonderful program that actually shows current pagefile usage among the other types. That alone would make it special but the way it is not instrusive and cleans well is great! Thank you John for writing it :) "
- Jeff

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