DiskMax DiskMax 5.11

DiskMax is a comprehensive disk clutter cleaning tool that identifies and removes junk files on your system. It also rearranges existing files for blazing performance. DiskMax even boasts of a 4-star review from the editors at download.com. Read more about DiskMax...

Download it now! | download count: 5,807,260+

neoSearch neoSearch 2.80

neoSearch is a desktop search program that can index your entire system in less than a minute and then allow you to search for files and folders within as little as 0.02 seconds. It is presently listed on 100s of sites including cnet's download.com. Read more about neoSearch...

Download it now! | download count: 145,369+

Memory Cleaner Memory Cleaner 2.20

Memory Cleaner (aka MemClean) is a tool that optimizes your RAM usage by checking running processes and the system cache. It is the top ranking result on Google when you search for memory cleaners. It can't get better that that! Read more about Memory Cleaner...

Download it now! | download count: 4,741,411+

Why use Koshy John's software?

The software applications you see here are designed to be:
  • Powerful and effective.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Thoroughly reliable.
Between them, they have more than a million downloads to date with thousands of fans on Facebook. They have been reviewed and promoted by the largest download sites in the world.

And they are made by Koshy John!

Learn more about Koshy John.

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