HP Pavilion dv9295ea, Koshy John's HP Customer Care Horror
Serviced at: Nortech (HP Authorized Service Center)
Location: Cochin, Kerala, India

HP Pavilion dv9295ea

Final Update: On 27th August 2009, HP took back the laptop and handed over INR 1,14,000 (U.S. $2,350 or AED 8,800) bringing this nearly 2 year old story to an end. This page is present on the first page of results for 'hp customer care india' on all major search engines.

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Useful information: Visit the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission if you live in India and have problems getting your grievances against any manufacturer resolved. Going to the NCDRC may often get you a solution without having to go to court.

I purchased a HP Pavilion dv9295ea notebook PC (dv9000t series) on April 5th, 2007 from Dubai, UAE. It cost AED 7,600 (equivalent to $2,400 or INR 96,000) at the time. It was primarily used in India and was covered by a 1 year international warranty.

The laptop developed multiple problems within 5 months of purchase rendering it useless. The problems faced included:
1. Cracked display hinge
2. Thermal shutdown due to overheating
3. Battery not charging

HP India refused to service the system for another 6 months. Finally in February 2008, they took the laptop in (at Nortech, their authorized service center in Cochin) and then proceeded to make a mess of the repairs. All in all, the laptop was with them for 3 months; and the quality of the repair and assembly process was abysmal with newer complaints like a damaged keyboard emerging during the repair process.

In light of the problems faced (the laptop was of no use to me for more than 10 months), I contacted HP Customer Care India and complained about their service center and told them to replace the system with a fresh piece. I made more than 30 calls over a period of a month before I came to the conclusion that I was being taken for a ride with promises of a replacement. I had even written to HP's President in India (Mr. Balu Doraisamy), and, HP's President and CEO Mark Hurd (global).

In desperation, I finally chose the legal avenue and filed a complaint with the National Consumer Forum. The case was filed on 25 July, 2008. It came up for hearing a month later. After 4 sittings, for none of which HP turned up, the judge ruled in my favour on the merits of the case based on the evidence provided.

HP became legally bound to replace the system or refund the full cost of the system with interest.

We entrusted our lawyer with getting an execution order on the judgement. For about 6 months, this went on with no one from HP's side turning up and the hearing for the execution order being postponed again and again. In the meanwhile, I left India to do my Masters in New Zealand. Finally, HP sent somebody to represent it and as given in the final update right up at the top, the exchange of the laptop for its purchase price, with 9% interest (from date of judgement) and some damages, was effected.
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1. Quick Reference Summary
2. Consumer Court Submission - Consumer Court Attachments
3. Consumer Court Proof Affidavit (soft copy unavailable)
4. Scanned copy of Judgment

Timeline of Events

1. Purchase and Configuration (April 07)
2. Service History (Sept 07 - May 08) - parts replaced
3. Telephone Support History (May 08 - June 08)
4. Legal History (National Consumer Forum) (June 08 - Nov 08)
5. Execution of Judgement (Nov 08 - Aug 09)

Those of you who have visited this sub-site before may be wondering why a lot of information has been removed. This is to ensure that the information presented is easily understandable and usable. If you need to have access to more information, please contact me.

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