Preface: I believe that individuals should be decisive and open with their values, instead of preaching values to others that they do not adhere to themselves. Or even picking and choosing their values as benefits them best in a given situation. A few might see this as being self-righteous but I see this as the best way to peacefully protest against the evils that society today often turns a blind eye too, and sometimes even indirectly applauds.

What I list below is only as guide to what to expect from me - do not take my word for it because anyone can claim to have a certain set of values. I will be glad if you are ever vigilant to see if I deviate from what I have stated here - if only to thwart hypocrites, and to ensure my religious adherence to these values.

The following list is not exhaustive, but it should cover the most of what I live my life by (it might seem like it's jumping all over the place but that's because I just put it down as it came to my mind - I'll be updating it for readability in the future):

1. Integrity - Never failing to act with sound ethical principles towards others who consistently act with integrity - unless there is irrefutable proof to the contrary. In dealing with unscrupulous people, I feel that taking legally acceptable measures to carefully counteract any benefit they might get from their weak moral compass is justified.

2. Compassion - Walking in the shoes of others, taking on their point of view, and then acting with the greatest possible compassion where it is deserved. Treating others like I want them to treat me.

3. Gratitude - Never taking for granted any assistance provided in the time of need. And repaying those kind deeds without fail and 'with interest' at the earliest.

4. Respect - Treating those I have absolutely nothing to gain from just the same as I would anyone else. Respect for the thoughts and beliefs of everyone, irrespective of their religion, political persuasion, ethnic background, etc - as long as they do not try to impose their will unilaterally on others (see entry 8).

5. Unselfishness/Fairness - Measuring myself against standards far more stringent than that I expect of others. Treating other fairly and equally until they choose their own treatment through their actions.

6. Courage - Having the courage to stand up for what is right, and not backing down. Having the courage to question what I don't understand until I get an answer backed with reliable, irrefutable and scientific evidence.

7. Flexibility - Accepting and acknowledging when I am wrong as soon as I am aware of it, and making amends for the same. All my views on everything in my life, including the values in this page, are open to discussion with open-minded people.

8. Tolerance - I will tolerate only the tolerant who treat others exactly like they themselves want to be treated (including women and the elderly). The intolerant (and others) will resort to tyranny if they are given a free rein - read more at The Paradox of Tolerance. Those who unjustly deny freedom to others, do not deserve freedom themselves (and so on..).

I will find happiness in the successes of others. I will do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, irrespective of the personal consequences. I will unselfishly help others achieve their goals as long as my help is not taken for granted. I will not lift a finger to support the morally corrupt and the chronically intellectually complacent. I will support to the fullest extent those with strong moral fibre, the will to make a difference and the intelligence to pull it off. Because I am tired of the corrupt, incompetent, selfish and hypocritical individuals in this world. I will be the change I want to see in the world. And then with the combined will of everyone like us, we can make the world a truly better place to be in. I want to see that world in my lifetime.

P.S. If there is any inconsistency or something patently wrong in what I've stated, feel free to flick me an e-mail - I'm always open to constructive and intelligent discussion. Like I've implied above: if I'm logically proven wrong, I'll change my point of view immediately without any rancour.

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