Why do I like technology so much? One word: Curiosity. Most people like technology because of how it makes life easier for them. While I do appreciate that, for me it is more about, "Wow. Now, how does this work? How could it be better? Can I make it better?"

Technology has always kept me captivated. From the day I first touched the keys of a computer way back in 1992 all the way till today. I've logged many tens of thousands of hours in front of computers. This captivation (some call it dedication) made me install, use (and trash, in my experiments) just about every version of Windows since Windows 3.1. I've fine-tuned my programming skills and I've written software that have been installed many millions of times world-wide.

2004 - 2008

I've beta tested many Microsoft products and I was even couriered a laptop bag from Hong Kong for beta testing the first version of Windows Live Messenger. I have taken part in a number of inter-school technology related competitions back when I was in Choice. I've conducted a number of programming competitions at RSET including CodeWhiz 2006 with the kind support and encouragement from the faculty. 'neoSearch' was given the highest grading as a mini-project in 2007. My colleagues and I tried developing a social networking site as a final project in 2008 but unfortunately it didn't meet our high expectations due to time constraints. My conviction that my interest in technology was not just superficial got reinforced when I got placed in Infosys in February '07 (an offer I later turned down in favour of pursuing higher studies).

In January 2008, neoSearch's success was officially recognized by RSET and it was listed as the sole entry under student achievements on the intranet website. Along with DiskMax, it got mention in the Jan - Feb 2008 RSET Newsletter. I would like to thank Mr. Binu A for his role as a mentor and in getting my work recognized. In April 2008, my continuing work on neoSearch was recognized by IEEE RSET by including a write-up by me on neoSearch and desktop-search technologies in general (read it here).

2009 - 2010

Necessity forced me to fine-tune my hardware diagnostic skills and that, coupled with extensive research on the internet, has, on occasion, even allowed me to diagnose problems with my laptops far more accurately than trained Hewlett-Packard personnel. I have even taken HP to court with confidence due to this. If you are looking to buy a laptop or if you have problems with your system, exploit my experience and walk away with the best possible solution.

I took my love for programming and technology to the next level with a Master of Computer Science. My research project for the degree was 'The Social Cloud for Public eResearch' supervised by Kris Bubendorfer. My work in the area went on to win the research presentations for the COMP stream in September 2010. Considering my progress and the scope for further research, my research project was converted into a full blown thesis and my past courses cross-credited into a Master of Engineering (Network Engineering). I took on the role of Microsoft Student Partner at Victoria in 2010 to handle Imagine Cup activities, Windows Phone 7 events and other Microsoft related activities on campus.

While still doing my Masters, I worked with Optimal Workshop and Kiwibank over the summers (Nov. - Feb.) of 2009/10 and 2010/11 respectively. This was through the Wellington Summer of Tech program initiated by John Clegg and coordinated by Ruth McDavitt. While at Kiwibank, I became the very first developer to tackle the Windows Phone 7 platform in the form of a geolocation app called Kiwibank Finder. This led to me being showcased at the Summer of Tech website in the form of an article I wrote, What Other Companies Don't Want You to Know.

2011 - 2014

While at Kiwibank, I convinced the two other students there, Jonathan Hart and Chisato Fujii, to join my Microsoft Imagine Cup '11 NZ Finalist team (BookSpark.org) mentored by Antony Willis (Microsoft NZ) and Luke Ryan (Intergen). I later got on board the SoT intern at Xero, Janella Espinas. Kiwibank and Xero were very supportive of our team. While we didn't go on to win the Imagine Cup finals, it was an amazing experience nonetheless and we learnt a great deal. BookSpark managed to evoke the interest of Lifetime Literacy, Make a Difference and even UNICEF.

I completed my Masters and co-authored a paper on it with my supervisor and a former PhD student of his, Kyle Chard, who is now at the University of Chicago. I presented the paper and the results of my work at the 7th IEEE e-Science conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Some of my statements on higher education in New Zealand was used by India Today in late 2012. It definitely is a great place to study and my experiences there will never be forgotten.

After completing my Masters, I went on to work for a financial services software company, FNZ. I worked there for a year on a online trading platform for a large Australian bank. While there I learnt quite a bit about the financial world and, of course, of software development. Then I was offered a role by Microsoft which I took up in October 2012. I am currently with the Cloud and Datacenter Management team in Redmond.

It's been a long journey, I've met and worked with some really amazing people and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Computers/Tablets Over the Years

Year Product Status Disp Proc RAM Gfx HDD Optical
  2016 Apple iPad Pro active - - - - 128GB -
  2015 Dell XPS 15 9550 active 15.6" 4K Ci7-6700HQ 16GB 2GB 512GB -
  2014 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 returned - Ci5 4GB - 128GB -
  2014 Apple iPad Air 2 sold - - - - 64GB -
  2013 Apple iPad Air sold - - - - 32GB -
  2013 Alienware Aurora R4 active 27" Ci7 4.2 Ghz 32GB 2GB RAID 0 SSD Blu-ray
  2012 Microsoft Surface RT passive - - - - 32GB -
  2012 Apple iPad 2 donated - - - - 16GB -
  2011 Apple Macbook Pro 15" sold 15.4" Ci7 2.2GHz 16GB 1GB 240GB SSD DVD-RW
  2011 Apple Macbook Pro 15" returned 15.4" Ci7 2.2GHz 8GB 1GB 500GB DVD-RW
  2009 HP Pavilion dv5-1135ee donated 15.4" C2D 2.26GHz 6GB 512MB 160GB SSD DVD-RW
  2007 HP Pavilion dv9295ea refunded 17" C2D 2GHz 2GB 512MB 240GB HD-DVD
  2006 HP Pavilion dv4000t returned 15.4" CD 2GHz 1GB 128MB 100GB DVD-RW
  2004 HP Compaq nx9010 donated 15" P4 2.7GHz 512MB 128MB 80GB DVD/CD-R
  1999 Mitac Laptop donated 14.1" C 450MHz 32MB 4MB 6GB CD
  1997 Assembled PC donated 15" P 166MHz 16MB 2MB 2.5GB 12x CD
  1992 Desktop PC sold 14" 66MHz 4MB - ? -

RASET (Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology) was re-abbreviated to RSET in 2009 after I had passed out.
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