Koshy John

I am an average individual blessed with an above average inclination towards technology and its applications, particularly when it comes to programming and software design. It is this facet of mine that lead me to first pursue a Master of Computer Science and later move to a Master of Engineering (Network Engineering) at Victoria University of Wellington.

I am of the firm belief that technology can be harnessed in amazing ways to solve a lot of otherwise hard problems and add immeasurably to the quality of our lives. I see countless opportunities for computers to take over repetitive tasks currently performed by humans, thereby relieving human intelligence to solve more meaningful and abstract problems.

Over the years, I've come to be known for my software which are used by millions of users around the world. They have been picked up by all the major download sites and reviewed favourably by hundreds of other sites on the internet. Given that most people visit this site for my software, chances are you will have at least one of my applications on your system.

Perfection is something I strive for in everything I do. Acknowledging my inherent limitations, my definition of perfection is about working towards being the absolute best I can envision myself as: pushing myself to the painful limits. And then some. True excellence can only be achieved by striving for perfection.

Cars loaded with technology are a big draw for me, and I love deducing and conceptualizing better algorithms to control the safety and luxury components. For example, a city of cars optimizing their route utilization in real time based on their occupants' schedules, current location and destinations - conceptualizing the finer details of such a system. Anyway, if you are a fellow car enthusiast, here's my list of favourites: Honda Civic / Accord, BMW 435i Gran Coupe / 535i / M4, Audi R8, Lamborghini Huracán, and Range Rover.

I strongly believe in living life with integrity, in respecting others & their property, standing up for those who cannot care for themselves, and, generally trying to be the change I want to see in this world. Today I may not have the kind of power, influence or money required to make the magnitude of difference I want to; but I'm working towards such a day. I'll play my little part the best I can in the meanwhile and hope you'll do so too. I'm proud to be at a company that takes this seriously.

In the pages in this section, I've attempted to capture the essence of who I am for those who do not know me. I may have gone into more depth than I should have at the risk of sounding self-centered. Please be assured that's not the case.

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